Fed+Fit Recipe Review-Eggplant Lasagna

Happy valentines day everyone!  Now now, don’t be one of those curmudgeons that winces in pain over v-day.  Even if you don’t have a lover, I’m sure you love yourself, love a  family member, a furry animal or something of the sort.  Call up your momma and tell her you love her and thank her for pushing you into this world.  No really-thank her, it’s a lot of work!

My husband got our daughter the cutest flower basket with a teddy bear in it.  I might have laughed at him, but gosh darn it he LOVES her.  He loves me too, don’t worry.  I have some flowers starring back at me as I type this up.


So wherever you are and whoever you love, happy valentines day to you; as there is always something to love about this life! Like, I love food.  For Christmas my husband bought me the Fed& Fit cookbook by Cassy Joy Garcia with Juli Bauer.  I am working my way through the recipes in the book.  This review is for the eggplant lasagna.

I am a huge fan of eggplant, so this dish already had a one up on other recipes.

I’m going to break it down for you:


Prep:  I don’t know why the prep time for this recipe says 15 minutes!  It takes much longer than that.  From cutting the eggplant to the tomatoes you are easily approaching the 15 minute mark.  I think I’m probably breaking it down differently than Cassy Joy is, but I would give yourself a solid 2 hours from starting the prep work to having a meal cooked and ready to eat.  Maybe I’m slow at this whole being careful not to cut my finger off thing, but I highly doubt it!

Taste:  It was good and the sausage was so flavorful, but VERY watery.  When I think of a typical lasagna I think of a rich, thick,hearty, stick to your ribs kind of meal.  This was good, but it didn’t give me that feel.  I really missed the ricotta cheese, and the watery nature of this was just a huge turn off.  Even my husband mentioned it, and well…it takes a lot for him to say something!

I did enjoy the tomatoes on top, that was a great addition and tasted perfect.

Kitchen Repeat Meal: Hrm, not really.  I love lasagna, but I think I’m going to make my own recipe up for next time.  It needs thickened up, and I feel like it was just missing something.

I love you Cassy Joy, but I’m cookin’ my own lasagna up next time.



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