Welcome, Meet Leiha Lindner!

Hi All!  I just wanted to welcome you all to my lifestyle and food blog.  I will be reviewing recipes, developing recipes, and taking lots of pictures along the way.  If there is a certain type of food that you would like to see spotlighted in a recipe, please let me know.

A little about me…I grew up on the West Coast (mainly Utah and California) and now reside in Western Pennsylvania with my husband, daughter, and two dogs.  I have been cooking up a storm for the last three years and have decided to put all my hard work into writing and pictures for the world to see.  This blog might be new, but my cooking isn’t.

I graduated from the University of Utah with a major in Health Promotion & Education.  It didn’t exactly translate into post college success in the corporate world, but it sure taught me a lot about life.  Writing research papers and digging into health articles was my favorite thing to do in college, so it is not such a long shot to be writing a blog.  I have dabbled here and there with words over the years.

In my personal life I love spending time with my husband and daughter, and if we can spend time outside then that is even better.  Growing up in Salt Lake City definitely shaped me into a mountain lover.

While attending the University of Utah I experimented with quite a few jobs, from ‘liftie’ (mountain resort ski life operator where you drink too many PBR’s), trauma technician at a pediatric hospital, traveling home health aid, mental health front desk, orthopedic hospital scheduler, and veterinary hospital front desk.  In the end here I am, but it made sense to have worked at multiple places because I have interest in all of them.

During the nicer weather months here in Pittsburgh I love spending my exercise hour at North Park and around our home in Mars.  I was pregnant last summer so being outside was fairly miserable for me, so I’m looking forward to spending more quality time outside this year.  I love road cycling and jogging and any body weight exercises, especially plyometrics.

My husband, Scott, works for a technology company here in the burgh’.  He is a computer genius and all around brilliant guy and is definitely my better half.  Together we make a pretty great team.  You won’t catch him spotlighting in any recipes I create because he stinks at cooking, mainly because he doesn’t enjoy it.  He sure will eat anything I put in front of him though, and he always thinks its delicious even if it tastes like pure crap.  What a trooper!

I hope to bring you content that is usable in everyday life, and hope that extends to you living a long healthy life.  I’m just your average gal, with some above-average goals.

Let’s get cookin’.






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